The game of numbers. The game for all family members.Taubola

Taubola will bring you a platform where you can play with all your friends and family at the comfort of your home. Just at a click, without paying a penny, you can swift away in the world of entertainment. As our tag line says “Sun Ke Khel” you will discover how innovatively we announce the numbers and the way it is going to keep you glued to the game! The game is based entirely on probability and that is the whole fun about it. The system will call out the numbers randomly ranging from 1 to 90 and if the corresponding number is present in your ticket then you have to strike that number immediately. There are multiple winning patterns with different prize money which can be claimed.

De Coding Taubola

To play Taubola you need to download the application from Google play or iOS app store.

  • Once you download the app you need to login with Facebook, Google or with your mobile number
  • You may wish to create a profile like uploading the gravitas, or your own image as the profile picture and create a username for yourself.
  • Now a list of tournaments will appear on your screen, and you need to book a tournament for yourself as per your convenient time preference
  • In order to enter the game you would require to generate a ticket for yourself, which is absolutely free of cost
  • Further to that, you can now begin with the actual game play
  • You can now see the number on your ticket while our system will randomly call a number which will flash on the screen for 3-4 seconds.
  • If the number called is present in your ticket you need to strike out the number within 3 seconds and claim the prize immediately if the below mentioned reward combination is achieved.

Let the gaming frenzy begin!

Community Tournaments

From the list of Upcoming Tournaments on your screen you can participate the tournaments based on your convenient time. Your have to get pass to get the ticket. Please note you can book maximum of 5 tournaments at a time.
Game starts soon the countdown gets complete. We have a collection of amazing soundtracks in various language can be selected from the setting section under Profile.

Host Private

You can host your game with your family and friends and customize the game play according to your preferences. Host have to configure Tambola rules based on his interest through PDA and can share the game joining details with others.
The game functions will remain the same for private table as well

Download Now!

When we talk of games, we can’t miss on the rewards. In one game we have various reward claims which can be earn and redeem to your bank account. So let's the game begin.